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Take into account survey weights, clustering, strata, and finite sampling corrections in structural equation modeling analyses in R.

An R package allowing for complex sampling analysis of SEM in R using the lavaan and survey packages. Uses the Satorra-Bentler approach to multivariate complex sample analysis described in Muthén & Satorra (1995, Sociological methodology).

Thanks to the features written by Thomas Lumley in the survey package, lavaan.survey has features novel to SEM. For example, it allows for a finite population correction, and you can do GREG estimation of SEM models.

SQP 2.0

A new program for the prediction of reliability and method effect of a survey question. The prediction is based on characteristics of the question, such as its linguistic complexity, the number of scale points, presence/absence of a “don’t know” option, etc. See the report on my publications list for more information.

Registration and use of the program is open to all and free at

Jrule for Mplus

A standalone Windows program that reads in Mplus output with modification index and expected parameter change information and provides a user interface to taking into account the power of the score test as described by Saris, Satorra & Van der Veld (2009, Structural Equation Modeling).