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General audience (in Dutch)

Professional talks, interviews, etc

Interview on open data for the university’s open science program

A lecture on classification in machine learning and statistics, in which I gave myself the challenge of giving a technical talk while using as few equations as possible

Invited talk at the University of Manchester methods seminar

Invited state-of-the-art lecture at the European Association of Methodology conference

(Warning: Somewhere towards the beginning there is a terrible audio mishap that sends audience members’ hands flying towards their ears in a hopeless effort to protect their eardrums. After this traumatic event they powered through the rest of the talk, and, now, with this video, so can you!)

Stuff about the Survey Quality Predictor

Talk about Survey Quality Predictor 2 at National Center for Health Statistics (2011)

Predicting the quality of a survey question from its design characteristics from Daniel Oberski on Vimeo.